First Public Release, Bike Seat Covers, and Fall Events

And we’re live! The first public release of BikeMoves Illinois is now available as a free download in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. If you’ve been testing the beta version (thank you!), you can grab the release version for Android or iOS. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and helped us reach this milestone!

BikeMoves on your Bike Seat

Is your bike seat soggy from all the recent rainstorms? Does you bicycle need a pop of color for the fall riding season? If so, we’ve got just the thing for you. It’s not a shower cap; it’s a BikeMoves bike seat cover!

In the incorrect example, the bike seat cover is worn as a shower cap. In the correct example, it is placed on a bicycle seat.

We’ve already handed out hundreds of these snazzy bike seat covers at Quad Day, Bike Rodeos, and other local events. Stop by one of the upcoming events below to get yours!

Upcoming Events


  1. The location services feature to allow GPS “When Using App” does not turn on location services to allow app to track. Location services only works with “Always Allow” setting.

    1. Thanks for this feedback, Steven. I suspect the problem has to do with the plugin we’re using for geolocation, which is designed to allow background tracking (even though we only use it while the app is running). I’ll have to investigate whether we can fall back to the standard geolocation method if the user denies permission for the plugin. I opened a bug report ticket for this issue and will post updates there once I’ve had a chance to look into it.

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